March 9, 2011

Na na na na life goes on….

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It does, and it will.

When you stop and think about all of the major things that happen in our lives, they seem like massive earthquakes which have shock waves too.

In reality, if something major happens in my life or indeed in yours, it doesn’t really compare to a raindrop hitting a wave on the ocean.

We are all beings who have our own given importance.  How many of us stop and think of the importance of people we’ll never know, never meet?

But why would we when neither our or their ‘shock waves’ will be felt by the other party?

I often comfort myself by thinking that whatever I am suffering, there is almost certainly someone who is suffering much more.  Then I stop and give those who are probably worse off than myself some thought.

But my own importance revolves around me and my family.  And I hope the other person I am imagining feels the same.

I wouldn’t want them to sit and worry about me.

I could sit and worry about them for as long as I could and it would not help them in any way.

I do not take my own importance for granted.

Life must continue no matter what happens.  In this life we have two options- get on with it or give up.

I know which option I am choosing.


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