May 26, 2011

Part 5 of ‘Like Father Like Son?’

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Saturday morning rolled around after a very sleepless night.  Lizzie was restless due to the baby making what she said felt like a nest in her ribcage, and Jack just couldn’t get his mind to switch off at all.

Memories, or at least what seemed like them played in his mind until he was so weary that he wasn’t sure which of them were fact and which were fiction.

He broached the difficult subjects with his Father in his own mind, getting more and more frustrated at the answers his imagination was coming up with.

What if he tried to pin all the blame on his Mother?  What if he said that he just didn’t want anything to with Jack because of Jack’s Mother?

How would he react?

He didn’t think he’d be able to sit and continue the conversation if this happened.

Then the issue of his Father loving him came up.  What if he just hadn’t loved him enough to be around as a Father to him?

Then he remembered his older sister, his Mother’s daughter but not his Father’s.  She had known ‘Dad’ as her own Father for a few years before Jack had been born.  Though not blood related, it had really been two children his Father had walked out on.

Surely that made it worse, how could anyone just cut all contact with two innocent beings that regarded him as ‘Dad’?

He’d never thought about his Sister’s feelings and now he wondered whether he should’ve contacted her to see if she wanted anything to do with their Father.

It was too late to contact her now.

Lizzie fussed over him as he got ready to leave.  He couldn’t help wondering whether this was similar to how it would have been if he’d been going to see his Father when he was a child.

He was sure his Mother would have been fussing over him before visiting his Father.

Jack felt almost as if he’d been transported back in time.  He had to tell his tired mind that what was done was done, he couldn’t replace the years, only make up for them providing things go well.

He was so hoping that things would go well.  He couldn’t imagine ever calling this man ‘Dad’, but who knew, perhaps they would get to that point.

After reminding Lizzie of the arrangements he’d made, and double checking she really didn’t need him to stay with her, Jack set off.

During the two hour drive, all of the previous night’s scenarios played once again in his mind.

Before he knew it, he was stood at the end of the same garden path he’d lingered on for so long last time.  His first thought was to check see if Lee was watching out of one of the windows.

This time, he managed to walk up the path and ring the doorbell.

The door swung open almost immediately.

Jack’s Father appeared, pulling on his coat and talking of getting going, oh and did they want to just take one car.

Before he could stop himself, Jack said it might be best to take both cars just in case Lizzie, well, just in case Lizzie’s Father worsened.  Jack had to think quickly else he would’ve said to take both cars just in case Lizzie went into early labour and he had to dash off.  But remembering that he hadn’t decided whether or not to share the news of his impending Fatherhood quickly made him think of another answer to the sentence he had begun.

They both headed for their own cars, Jack agreeing to follow his Father to a cafe in a nearby national trust park.

After less than five minutes travel, both cars pulled into parking spaces side by side.

For a brief moment, here Jack sat feeling childlike at being at a park with his Father.  But then ageing rapidly as he reminded himself about all they needed to speak about.

So here he sat preparing himself momentarily to ask the questions he needed answering.


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  1. Loving it so far!

    Comment by Billie Jo Woods — May 28, 2011 @ 07:50 |Reply

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