May 6, 2015

I only closed my eyes for a minute….

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And now it’s 2015! How did that happen?

My life has changed, I’m not the same person I was in 2011. I’m not the shy, reticent woman anymore who was scared and under someone else’s control.

I’ve not needed to hide behind a story written about a fictional character with glimmers of my own life woven into the words.

It’s not that I’ve lacked in ideas for things to write. I often find that a thought pops into my head that inspires the first spark of a story. But I’ve just not had the motivation to get my thoughts down on paper.

I think the following words sum up where I was at in 2011:

Why didn’t I say something? Why didn’t I scream? why didn’t I stand up and bolt at first chance?

Why did I lay there as still as I could?

Knowing I didn’t try as I should.

Why do I still look him in the eye?

Keeping the secrets and telling a lie.

Who will listen to me, tell me I’m right?

To lay with my eyes closed and keep him out of sight?


There really is a tiny bit of me in each of the stories I’ve posted on here.

I’m going to make the effort to try and get back into this blogging lark. If anyone still reads over here, please say hi 🙂


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