May 23, 2011

Part 4 of ‘Like Father like Son?’

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It was Friday morning when Jack made the call.  It took about two minutes for the pair to confirm the arrangements for the following day and say all they could at the time.

Feelings of wondering if he were doing the right thing began to rise in his mind again.  He didn’t want to hurt his Mother, and he didn’t want to get hurt himself.

This Man had chosen to walk out of his life once before, there was a high risk he would do it again.  And what if he himself couldn’t forgive his Father?

The Man had already presumed that he’d been forgiven, but at the time of saying that, all Jack wanted was to be safe and warm in that embrace.  At that moment he was thinking of no-one but himself.

He knew that the subject of why his Father had left would have to be discussed.  There would be no way forward, no lasting relationship between Father and Son until it had been discussed.

Jack knew from his own memory what had happened.  He also knew from what relatives had told him, what his older Sister had said and from the little that his own Mother had said.

His Father had been a selfish man.  He’d used the children as pawns in his games.  He’d wanted everything his way or not at all.

He’d subjected the children and the Mother of his child to years of emotional and psychological abuse.  He’d pushed and pushed until there was nothing left to gain.

And when there was nothing he felt worth staying around for, he’d told his partner that she was to tell the children that she had pushed him away, stopped him from wanting to be around to see them grow.

He’d spat words of hate at her when Jack had been in the room.  Staring up at this big powerful and hateful man, feeling torn between his parents.

Why did he walk out on them?  Why didn’t he come back.

Jack’s Mother had said years later that it was because he’d dug himself into a hole so deep that he couldn’t find a way back.

This was why the letters had started, to let the family he’d left behind know where he lived, his phone number, just incase they felt it was right to get in touch with him.

This man felt he’d humiliated himself so much that he couldn’t swallow his own pride even to go and see his own son.

Anger and resentment rose  in Jack’s throat so vehemently that he had to run to the sink before he was sick.

At this point, Lizzie walked in and made a remark about it being Jack with morning sickness now her own had passed.  She knew just what to say to make him stop and feel happy just by being close to her.

They sat and mulled over the situation.  In the end they came to the conclusion that this man deserved one last chance, a chance to explain things to Jack, to satisfy Jack’s outstanding curiosity of the whole situation.

Then and only then would Jack be able to sit and piece everything together and make an informed choice of which path to follow.

Nothing would ever change between him and the family he already knew and loved so well.

What he needed to do was to come to his own decision as to whether this man was worthy of being given another chance to be a Father.

Whether this man was worthy of being a part of his and Lizzie’s new life with their own child.

Relief flowed through him as he sat back in the chair knowing what he was going to do.

First thing on the agenda was to phone his Mother, which he did straight away.  He wanted to make sure she was ok with the whole situation.

She had had time to compose herself, her words and her thoughts.  This time she managed to tell her son all that she had meant to when first confronted with the situation.

Jack assured her that nothing would change, as she protested that she knew nothing would change.

When they had finished speaking Jack felt at ease again, glad that he’d cleared things up with her.  Glad that she was being supportive and infact encouraging him to go ahead with it all.

Sitting there he once again knew that he was doing the right thing.  Whatever the outcome, this was the right thing to do and he had to do it.


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  1. Can’t wait for the next bit! I am intrigued by this family.

    Comment by Billie Jo Woods — May 25, 2011 @ 11:05 |Reply

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