May 23, 2011

Part 3 of ‘Like Father like Son?’

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As the days rolled by between their first reunion and meeting up again, Jack had no time to think about his Father.

Lizzie, the strong woman he knew, the woman who could overcome any obstacle had had the wind knocked out of her sails.  Her own Father had been rushed to hospital after having a heart attack.

Jack had never seen his beautiful Lizzie like this before, he himself was the weaker of the two and now the balance had shifted he felt uneasy and inadequate.

So much was he affected by all of this that he let it slip that he would decide if he was still meeting his Father at the weekend or not when on the phone to his Mother.  All he did was mention his name, and his Mother knew straight away who he meant.  Pointless and useless was the back peddling Jack tried desperately to put into action.  This was his Mother he was talking to, she had spent his child and teenage hood sussing him out and trying to be at least two steps ahead of him.

Jack waited through the uncomfortable and seemingly endless pause in conversation.  What could he say now to change the subject?  Was that even possible?

Truth be known, his Mother knew this day was coming.  True even though she’d tried as best as she could to prepare herself for it, it still came as a shock.  She had rehearsed what she would say a thousand times, but no amount of preparation could actually do the trick.

What she had wanted to do was to tell her son that of course he should want to reconnect with his Father.  What she actually said was very little and had ended the call with the first excuse she could think of to stop her son from being able to hear her voice crack as the tears fell.

Jack sat staring at the phone for a long time after he had replaced the receiver.  He wanted to phone her back and reassure her that nothing would change between them, but he just couldn’t formulate the right words in his mind.

His concentration quickly disappeared as Lizzie bustled into the room looking for her car keys.

He turned his attention to her and before too long they were both at the hospital beside his Father in Law’s bed making small talk with him and the rest of the family that had congregated there too.  Jokes were made that when the baby arrived, it’s Grandfather would just have to be wheeled from this ward to the maternity ward to visit.  Everyone tried to make light of the situation.

Hours later when they were both laying side by side in bed, Lizzie in a deep sleep and Jack looking at the ceiling for answers, he finally made his resolve.  Something Lizzie had said earlier suddenly struck a chord.

Jack remembered her saying that time was so short and we should take our chances when they present themselves.  No longer put off today what could be done tomorrow.

He would make a phone call in the morning once he’d spoken to Lizzie to check she didn’t need him.  He’d make sure the arrangements for meeting up were still ok.


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