April 28, 2011

Too much of a not so good thing…

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Both of my children have had, well still have gastroenteritis for a week now.

I had no choice but to take them both with me to the supermarket this morning.  On the way my three year old son reminded me that ‘I don’t feel verwy wheel Mummy.’ this was the moment when severe anxiety about the impending shopping trip really kicked in.

I should’ve turned round, should’ve gone straight home.  But the fact was we had no milk, no bread, infact a totally empty fridge.  We needed supplies.

I gritted my teeth and tried hard to put myself in the mindset I did last time I had no choice but to brave a supermarket with a poorly child.

Oh, the looks and comments I got then, me waddling heavily pregnant around a supermarket leading my then three year old daughter who blatantly had many many itchy chicken pox spots at the time.

Unfortunately, this trip evoked many pitying stares, many nice comments.  I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me.

My son was very very poorly in the middle of the supermarket.  All over himself and my feet.

We managed to get the milk, and indeed the bread.

This was the second time this week that one of my children has been sick in a very public place.  My seven year old daughter was very poorly in the middle of a food court at a shopping outlet.  Thankfully this time, I was in control of the travel situation and didn’t have to subject the poorly child to very very important (my left foot!) trainer shopping that couldn’t be postponed.  It took two whole hours before we managed to get back to the car.

Now (touch wood) all is quiet and I can retire to bed when I choose, (very soon, I need some sleep!) my only current quandary is whether to watch the Royal Wedding tomorrow or not.

And I can sigh in relief that unlike 48 hours ago when it was my daughter who was at the peak of the gastroenteritis, I am fairly reassured that my son is nowhere near on the brink of being admitted to hospital.

This time 48 hours ago, all three of us were sat at the out of hours GP surgery at the hospital waiting for the Doctor to decide whether to admit my daughter or not.

I can’t wait until they are both properly better.  Although I will probably have the nasty virus myself, I don’t mind.  I have managed before to parent whilst very poorly.  I just wish I could have it instead of either of them.


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  1. Hope they are feeling better now! Nothing worse than that helpless mummy feeling that comes from watching them be ill and waiting for them to be better.

    Comment by Billie Jo Woods — April 30, 2011 @ 10:02 |Reply

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