April 28, 2011

Here I am

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Unconditional, never faltering.  This is what I offer to you.

I’d never walk away, never turn my back.  I may be weak but I could never give up on you.

I’ve held your hand.  I’ve walked behind you to catch you if you fell.

I’ve stroked your face for hours on end.  I’ve held my breath listening to you breathe.

I’ve sacrificed anything I could to make sure that you’ve never gone without.

I’d face everything again just to see that one first moment for a second if I could.

I’m not perfect, I don’t think I could ever be all that you deserve.

But I offer you all that I am, all that I can ever be.

And I know that you accept me.

You’ve sat and stroked my face when I’ve been sad.  You’ve held my hand, feeling security from the connection that gave.

You’ve walked behind me despite knowing I could fall.

I will never love anyone the way I love you.

You will eternally be part of me, part of my heart.

Unconditional, never faltering. You will always have my love, faith and support.

My two beautiful children who will always be more than I deserve.  You are perfect in my eyes.

That could never change.


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