April 6, 2011

99 Red Balloons….

Filed under: Writing — by badluckfairy @ 20:58

Ok, ok, there’s only one really.

But it’s still boldly and proudly stating that I am the side of 30 that I now am.  Two weeks since my Mother purchased it and had it filled with helium and had pretty ribbons tied to it.

I’m a hoarder of memories, so I’m sure I will find it in a box or a cupboard in another 30 years time and remember how long it swayed gently in the pleasant spring breeze.

I feel quite animated and acknowledged today.  It has been lovely to have so much feedback on my ‘Mind spills’!

In fact, a friend of mine told me this afternoon that I seemed brighter than she had seen me in quite some time.  I didn’t dare tell her that I was actually on auto pilot while my brain was dreaming up ideas for the book I plan to write.  It will take a long time for me to write it.  It will be in a kind of diary format, so I intend to write it over the period of time it is set.

I have the main character and the outcome of the story, but I need to ponder on more detail before I sit and start.

I’ve never attempted this kind of project before.  The journey will be a wonderful adventure.  I only hope I can complete this and not procrastinate too too much.


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