March 18, 2011

Feed the world….

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I wish I could.

It’s Comic Relief and I feel really bad because I can’t phone and pledge some money or text and pledge.

Even if I could, I couldn’t be 100% sure that there is enough money in my bank account to donate.

I’m glad I haven’t got a credit card because I think I’d probably spend the next year or two paying off my pledge.

My children went to bed late tonight.  My daughter went to her friend’s party which didn’t finish until 9pm.

Of course as soon as she got in the car she started complaining that she was hungry.  So they both sat and had a snack when we got home.

My darling daughter said ‘Thank goodness it is Red Nose Day else the people in this clip on tv might have died’.  We were indeed watching Comic Relief on BBC1.

I’m so glad my babies are fat asleep in bed now.  I don’t think my sensitive girl, or even my boisterous boy would’ve coped with seeing the clip I’ve just seen.

It was about a prematurely born baby boy and his Mum who sadly died as they were too weak to be able to reach the much needed hospital care they needed in time.  They did reach the help, but sadly it was far too late.

Please, if anyone is reading, if you are in a position to make a donation, please do.


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