March 7, 2011

And they call it puppy loooove

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My seven year old daughter announced to me today that she broke up with her first ever boyfriend.

I knew she had a ‘boyfriend’.  She told me a few weeks ago that the two of them had a lot in common and enjoyed spending time together.  He is an intelligent Linkslad with the same passion for reading as my daughter.

Well today love’s young dream crashed and burned.  But, it made way for a new relationship to blossom.  She’s now ‘going out with’ the class sports champ.

I’m so glad we have a few years before boyfriends become a worry for me.

And in other news, my three year old son feared for his life this afternoon.  He was petrified that a squirrel was going to eat him.

As it has been a lovely (despite being chilly) spring day, instead of coming home after school we went and bought some food to have a picnic in the local country park.

The fattest squirrel I have ever seen came and sat on the picnic table before very boldly attempting to snatch some food from us.

I really have never seen a squirrel as fat or as bold as this one.

I do feel slightly sorry for it though.  We allowed it to eat some of our toffee covered popcorn.  I can almost imagine it and the others who managed to snatch some still running around the trees now unable to sleep.

If you go down to the woods tonight, beware of the hyper squirrels!



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