March 6, 2011

Ah Sunday, day of rest….

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Can someone please explain this concept to my children?

Today we will hopefully be heading on over to see my parents and eat copious amounts of bangers and mash.  Providing the cash point is kind to me and lets me have some money.

Afterall, you can’t go somewhere in the car unless you have enough petrol to get there and back.

Well, yesterday I carried on the Japanese theme by watching an anime and a live action version of a Japanese film.  ‘Grave Of The Fireflies’ is a good film.  I’d personally recommend the anime version because it is easier to keep one’s distance from the story and regard it as a fairy tale.

The story is not based on real life events, but it represents the harsh reality many many war orphans face.  The live action version had me blubbing like a baby.  Both versions slightly differed, but both brought home the fact that there are starving children in the world fending for themselves and potentially fending for younger siblings too.

The films also reminded me that once my own children are grown I would really like to do some charity work abroad with children.  Perhaps between now and then I might be able to do nurse training in order to be able to give medical help too.

For now, my priorities and actions are firmly at home and within my little family.


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