March 5, 2011

Fact or fiction?

Filed under: Justin Lee Collins — by badluckfairy @ 13:02

Is wordpress just trying to make me feel better by saying my blog is getting hits?

I’m really starting to think that there aren’t any real people finding their way here, that the stats are really fiction.

Someone please take pity on me and subscribe or comment.  I could really do with an ego boost.

In other news, I’m watching Justin Lee Collins’ ‘Turning Japanese’ online.  It’s really interesting.  Although the first episode was slightly disturbing.  Men’s bras and lace panties which some Japanese men wear to reduce stress.  Hmmm, each to their own I suppose.

And sex dolls of varying ages, ranging from age 13 upwards…..

The age of consent in Japan is 13, but if the UK started allowing sex dolls that were of the appearance of a 16 year old to be sold, imagine the uproar.

The manufacturer defended his business by saying that although he personally doesn’t really like the idea of selling these young looking dolls, he feels that if they are available perhaps they will act as deterrents to stop men from doing anything to real girls.

I’m not sure I agree with that.  It’d be like giving a shoplifter a free supply of anything they would normally steal.  They wouldn’t get the same thrill as they would with the real thing.

That’s a sick thing to have to think about with regards to the sex dolls.  Anyone got any mind bleach?  Perhaps ignorance really is bliss.


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