March 3, 2011

35 hits….

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And no comments?  Aww come on people, at least let me know that it is genuine human beings that are checking out my blog, pleeeaaaase?

This time next week I will be very very nervous.  Next Friday, I have my college interview and assessement.  I will have to do both a maths and an English test.


On the upside, last time I went for a college assessment, they didn’t actually make me do the tests.  They gave me a place on practically the same course I’m applying for now on the spot.  But now that I’m 5 years older than I was then, I doubt I’m going to get away with it this time.

Despite the place on the course 5 years ago, I couldn’t actually take them up on that because at the last hurdle I fell.  Childcare.  I could not get any funding at all for any childcare.

But this time, despite having double the number of children that I had 5 years ago, both of them will be in full-time education come September woohoo!

So it will be time for me to set a good example and show them that I’m working hard, bettering myself, learning alongside them when I can.  And also time and chance for me to make new friends and start having more of a social life….. can you hear the sympathetic music in the background?

I may be turning 30 in a few weeks, but I’m not growing up just yet.  I is going to be a student.


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