March 1, 2011

Refreshed? Nah.

Filed under: Health,Writing — by badluckfairy @ 20:58

Ah Tuesday.  I felt quite spritely when I leapt out of bed this morning….ok I didn’t actually leap out of bed, but I didn’t quite have to do the usual ‘throwing myself out of bed’ routine.

I slept really well last night apart from waking up momentarily goodness knows how many times.

Today I let my brain have as much downtime as I possibly could get away with.  I did spot various things that others have written that have started ideas forming in my own head.

I’m just waiting for the writing bug to bite me, and then something will hopefully just fall out of my head either onto paper or a word processor.

I’ve also gotten it into my head that one of the short stories I’ve written would make an awesome (I did warn you about the use of that word) one-off drama on tv.  There is another short story that I think would be good for this too, but I’d need to actually finish the story off and do some major research into suburban life in the 1970’s.

If I could get the laptop to connect to the internet, I would post an extract from the first short story I mentioned.

But as I can’t, and I’m not sure where my usb stick is right now, I shall leave that for another time.


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