February 28, 2011

Mondays make me go bleurgh…

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I hate Mondays.  What more can I say?

This Monday I particularly hate as I could potentially be on the brink of some life changing news.  Sometime in the next fortnight, I will share, but for now let’s keep this one safely locked in my ‘anxiety cupboard’.  I might be able to elaborate later tonight.  Let’s just wait and keep our fingers crossed eh?

Cupboard firmly locked and chained and bolted.

I feel it only fair that I let you know that my son did infact make it to the toilet yesterday.

Yes, I’m using this post to just chat.  I can’t really post anymore of my work until I have some feedback on the glimpse I posted lastnight.

I thought maybe I’d take this opportunity to give you more of an insight into my life.

I am the youngest of 5, I have a half brother and sister, and another half brother and sister.  My parents have been together about 35 years now.

I spent 7 years of my childhood living in Saudi Arabia as that is where my Dad worked for British Aerospace.

My childhood was very privileged and often lead to one of my siblings locking me in the shed out of jeallousy because they didn’t have a pair of rollerskates or something they wanted when they were my age.

There are lots of things I want to say about my family, but I feel it only fair I say them under the guise of being about someone else in a short story or such like.

Hmmm what else can I tell you?

I moved out of home at 22 when I discovered I was pregnant.  Worst mistake of my life, i should’ve stayed and thought things through.  For 6 and a half years now I’ve been a single parent.  Both of my children have been unplanned surprises and both from 2 different long term relationships.

Not what I had in mind at all.  But let’s face it, if I hadn’t been in the situations I have been, hadn’t had the 2 babies I had, I wouldn’t have the children I have today.  Sometimes they drive me insane, but once they are both sleeping soundly at night everything somehow seems worthwhile.

My daughter is the intellectual of the 2 so far.  I can almost imagine her studying PPE at uni.  And my son is the artist.  All I know is I’m going to do the best I can to support them on their learning adventure.

Oooh, one of the highlights of my day, time to go and diffuse a scrap…….



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