February 27, 2011

The show must go on

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So ok, here is an insight into my mind.  I’m dipping my toe in here quite gingerly in the hope that I’ll take the plunge and immerse myself up to the waist and see how that feels.

Here is something that basically ‘fell’ out of my brain when someone very special to me passed away almost a year ago now.


In a Heartbeat.

A fleeting moment, the fluttering of an eyelash. Did you see it?

And then it’s gone.

Moments pass in a heartbeat. One, two, three, continue counting them if you must, but please stop to embrace them.

Memories occur like moments but linger in the mind for a lifetime.

When your lifetime has expired, those you love take over the legacy of your memories. Recounting the happy and the sad to the younger generations so they can have a glimpse at the person they never had chance to know.

The smiles, the hugs, the tears immortal in your loved ones hearts.

There is no such thing as physical immortality. But we each hold the key to our own mental immortality.

Love the people that matter, share those moments with them and make them significant.

Pass through life ensuring that your family and friends know how much you cherish them.

Let them cherish you in return.

Hold each other through the positive and the negative. Unite in times of need. Let them go with your love at times when your paths need to branch off.

Most importantly, come back together, regroup and share the tales of your moments apart.

You hold the key to your own immortality, use it wisely.

Rae Helson 2010


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