February 27, 2011

In the beginning

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Hmmm, a new blog I hear you say.  Yes, well clearly you are correct.  For this is infact a blog.  And yes, it is infact new.

I feel I should explain, the title of the ‘Bad luck fairy’ was one I gave myself almost 7 years ago.  My way of distancing myself slightly from life, giving myself this mystical and beautiful persona.  No, I do not believe I am a fairy, and I do not have a split personality.

I am the most normal person I know.  A fact I feel you would think about yourself.

I am a mere mortal.  I’m lower upper class, yes that is possible.  I live on a council estate, or rather in the very heart of it.  I was born here but managed to escape for 20 odd years before finding fate throwing me back here.

I’m not bitter anymore.  My life has changed dramatically and more doors and oppertunities have been opened and offered than if I were say living the ‘good life’.

Although my seven year old daughter has appeared in full ‘Princess’ attire and exclaiming that ‘We are not amused’.

I didn’t mention that I am a Mum of 2 beautiful but precocious children.  A daughter who is seven and a three and a half year old son.

I’m also an aspiring writer.  Aspiring because I’ve never even attempted to get any of my work published.  I did however write a kind of thesis on Post natal depression for the health care providers who were involved in  my life when my daughter was a baby.  This was because I was suffering with Post natal depression at the time, and knowing I was a writer they asked if I could write something that would give them an insight into my experience with this particular ‘Strain’ of depressive disorder.

I’m fast approaching thirty years of age.  The 24th of March 2011 will see my twenties ending and my thirties blossoming.

I intend to spend the next 4 years from this September qualifying to be a social worker, and intend to take that in the direction of working for an organistation such as Women’s aid.

And had you not already guessed, I am very capable of talking the hind legs off a donkey.  However, I am very sincere and try to use my vocal and written abilities to help others.  Therefore a job in the field of social work will be an awesome challenge for me.

One of my biggest flaws is I tend to use words like ‘Awesome’ and ‘Groovy’.  But hey, no-one is perfect and if anyone claims to be, they are full of crap.


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