February 27, 2011

I know what you did last Friday.

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Yeah, and?  I know what I did last Friday too, awesome wasn’t it?  Green with envy, aren’t you?

I would be.

I remember feeling a bit jealous when friends of mine uploaded pictures of themselves with Matt Cardle when they bumped into him in a pub in Essex.  But now I think, no, no I know I’ve been much luckier.

Not only do I have a second cousin who was an 80’s Pop icon in Germany, but I have met some really rather lovely people over the years.

Oooh, also my Grandfather was the first person to fit a gas turbine in a rain forest.  Not that it’s documented anywhere online, but he did.  He worked many years for Ruston’s gas turbines in Lincoln and was their first out worker.

I digress, sorry I’m very proud of my Grandad.

Back to Friday night.  I went to the Glee club in Nottingham and saw Lee Evans live trying out new material!  The supporting comedians were pretty darn funny too.

After the show, we popped to a cash point and returned as drowned rats.  Picture this, me stood there ear wigging on the conversation going on across the other side of the humoungous glowing plant pot.  All of a sudden, I turned to Mark and asked ‘Is that…?’ and when he replied that if I was thinking who he was thinking, I was indeed correct.

Simon Hickson, of ‘Trev and Simon’ fame!  Oh did I squee with delight?  No, of course not, ok, I did but I think I managed to retain my dignity.

Really really nice man.  And so grateful was I to get my picture taken with him and Ben Norris (one of the comedians just incase you didn’t know) as well as having a chat with them both.

Anyway, less of my banter, more of the picture evidence……






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